about us

  The Maggiore’s are dedicated to great customer service from the moment you walk into the shop. They have created a "living room” where you can grab a complimentary seasonal beer or bourbon, put on a record, pick up a guitar, grab a book, or walk to the back courtyard and relax under the magnificent blood orange tree.

  Barbering, dating back as old as the Egyptians,  is all about thoughtfully taking care of people, all the way down to quality services and products at an affordable price, and the trust that the barbers are here for you. 

The barbershop itself is a blend of old and new to give you that comfort you never knew you needed. Classic Koken barber chairs from the 30’s & 60’s, working hot towel steamers from the 10’s & 20’s, and vanity’s from grandma’s house set the homage to the past, while the 920 beer bottle instillation that covers the wall behind welcomes you into the 21st century… and that 1970’s TATA bar doesn’t hurt the experience either.

  The Bearded Lady prides itself on the meticulous haircuts, beard trims, and guarantees you’ll experience the closest shave you’ve ever known.